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At LawyerUp, we're committed to guiding you through the aftermath of an accident with expertise and compassion. As Utah's premier injury law firm, our leading attorneys specialize in securing swift, substantial settlements. LawyerUp is your trusted partner for turning setbacks into success. Choose us for guaranteed excellence in legal representation.

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Meet Brad DeBry...

Brad DeBry, a graduate of the University of Utah and the California Western School of Law, is deeply committed to helping people through life's challenging moments. Admitted to the Utah State Bar in 1996, his practice is focused on securing financial relief for families facing hardships, covering medical bills and other critical expenses. His work brings him immense satisfaction, rooted in the impact it has on improving his clients' lives.

Professionally, Brad is an active member of the Utah Association for Justice and holds the position of Utah Chairman for the Lawyer Pilots Bar Association. His legal career is marked by a dedication to justice and advocacy, emphasizing both legal expertise and compassionate representation.

Outside the legal arena, Brad cherishes time with his wife and five children, actively participating in their school activities and events. An avid aviator, he is an FAA-Certified Flight Instructor and Airline Transport Pilot. Additionally, Brad is devoted to the Boy Scouts of America, where he supports their mission of fostering ethical and moral choices in young people.

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personal injury lawyers utah
personal injury lawyers utah
personal injury lawyers utah

Why choose LawyerUp? We Battle, You Benefit

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1. We Make Them Pay.


Relentless in your recovery, we pressure insurance companies to get you paid — quickly and painlessly. And if they won't? It's time for battle.

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2. We Demolish Insurance Defenses.


Lowball settlement offers? Not on our watch. Armed with deep industry insight, we demolish their defenses and secure your max payout.

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3. We Solve the Hardest Cases


Where others see challenges, we see opportunities. Trust us to conquer even the most complex cases — no matter how or where you’ve been hurt.

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"I could not have chosen a better attorney to handle my husbands case for a fatal accident he was involved in and luckily made it out alive. Brad is a true professional. He was very reassuring and very sympathetic to our situation. I would choose Brad again. Thank you Amy Cary for always returning our calls and answering all of our questions. You guys are the best!"

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