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Utah's Top Truck Accident Injury Law Firm

Injured in an truck accident? Get paid what you deserve.

When an unexpected truck accident turns your world upside-down, LawyerUp® is here to set things right. Partner with Utah's leading injury attorneys, where your justice is our mission.

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"Want a bigger payout for your injury…as fast as possible? LawyerUp’s team of elite injury attorneys secures justice for Utah accident survivors — and you don't pay a dime until you win. With thousands of satisfied clients and a track record that speaks for itself, we’re known for our record-setting settlements and verdicts. Ready to be our next success story? Let's talk TODAY."

Truck Accident law firm Utah

Brad DeBry, J.D.

Founding Attorney

Premium payouts. Swift settlements. Leading lawyers. Guaranteed.

Truck Accident lawyer utah

With LawyerUp® you get:


Premium Payouts.

You’ve suffered enough — it’s time to reclaim your peace of mind with the biggest payout possible. You deserve it.


Swift Settlements.

Speed is our strategy. We streamline the legal process to get you back on your feet faster. Bills don’t wait, and neither do we.


Leading Lawyers.

Experience and passion make us Utah's top injury advocates. Our legal eagles don’t rest until we land you the win.

Truck Accident personal injury lawyers utah
Truck Accident personal injury attorneys utah
Truck Accident personal injury law firm utah
Truck Accident lawyers utah
top Truck Accident injury law firm in utah

"After my accident, I felt so overwhelmed. It seemed like the bills wouldn’t stop coming. But LawyerUp stepped in, and it was like I could breathe again. They genuinely cared, and it showed in everything they did for me."

Ashley R.*

Payout $1.5 Million

Make them pay. Win every penny you deserve.

Utah’s Top Attorneys

We lead the charge on Utah’s fierce legal battlefield. We're the law firm other firms call for help.

100% Injury Cases

All injury cases. Injury cases only. We focus on helping hurt Utah residents just like you.

Win First, Pay Later

It’s simple — if we don’t win, you don’t pay. Plus, NO hidden fees or surprises along the way.

Total Transparency

We keep you in the loop at every stage, ensuring you're always informed and empowered.

Rapid Results

Time is money, especially when bills pile up. We push for fast resolutions without compromising results.

Devoted & Dependable

Our dedication to your cause is unmatched. We're more than attorneys; we're your fiercest allies.

Relentless. Respected. Recognized.

We fight for your maximum compensation. Unsure about your case? Contact us now for a FREE evaluation and secure your future today.

Truck Accident attorneys in utah
Truck Accident top injury law firm in utah

"Brad Debry and his team were incredible. I appreciated their timely and transparent communication. 100% thrilled with the results they delivered. If you need guidance with a personal injury issue of any kind, it'd be well worth your time to reach out to these competent, professional, local folks who know the ins & outs of the legal system."

Truck Accident law firm in utah county

Melissa T.*

Car Accident Victim

Extensive Experience fighting and winning against

Truck Accident personal injury lawyers utah
personal injury lawyers Truck Accident utah
Truck Accident personal injury attorneys in utah
Truck Accident law firm utah

We Battle, You Benefit — Insurance Companies Beware...

Truck Accident utah injury lawyer

Make Them Pay.


Relentless in your recovery, we pressure insurance companies to get you paid — quickly and painlessly. And if they won't? It's time for battle.

Truck Accident utah injury lawyer

Demolish Insurance Defenses.


Lowball settlement offers? Not on our watch. Armed with deep industry insight, we demolish their defenses and secure your max payout.

Truck Accident utah injury lawyer

Utah’s Hardest Cases, Solved.


Where others see challenges, we see opportunities. Trust us to conquer even the most complex cases — no matter how or where you’ve been hurt.

Truck Accident law firm in utah

"I could not have chosen a better attorney to handle my husbands case for a fatal accident he was involved in and luckily made it out alive. Brad is a true professional. He was very reassuring and very sympathetic to our situation. I would choose Brad again. Thank you Amy Cary for always returning our calls and answering all of our questions. You guys are the best!"

Truck Accident lawyer southern utah

Perales A.*

Truck Accident Victim

ATTN: Every second counts. Claim compensation before your time runs out.

Don’t let your payout slip through your fingers. The clock is ticking, and every moment matters — schedule your FREE case review right now and get paid what you deserve.

#1 Personal Injury Law Firm

Quick wins, no delays — We work hard for your rapid payout.

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Your case could be worth...

Car Accident

$5,000 - $2,000,000


Truck Accident

$4,000 - $2,200,000


Motorcycle Accident

$12,000 - $3,500,0000


Serious Injury

$45,000 - $5,000,000+

Lawyer #1 Firm #2
Record Setting Wins
Zero upfront fees
Free Case Reviews
Personalized attention
Maximized payouts
98% win rate
5 Star attorneys
Faster settlements
Honest & transparent
Truck Accident top injury law firm in utah

"Brad DeBry is truly caring and at the top of his game. He was purely professional and knowledgeable, answering all my questions from beginning to end. I cannot recommend the Brad DeBry Law Firm enough. Best service, best outcome, best communication, best staff. Really it couldn't get any better."

Truck Accident lawywer in utah county

John U.*

Car Accident Victim


Pay nothing until we win. With LawyerUp®, it’s that clear-cut. Anything less than victory, and you don’t owe us a penny. Choose LawyerUp® and bet on a winning horse — get your free case review today, and let’s get you paid ASAP.

Truck Accident lawsuit utah

Frequent Questions...

I got in a truck accident in Utah. What should I do besides contact a Utah truck accident attorney?

In a Utah truck accident, besides contacting an attorney, you should first ensure safety, seek immediate medical help, and notify the police to create an accident report. Crucial steps also include collecting evidence and details from the scene and refraining from blaming anyone. Once done, the next best step is calling LawyerUp® to know your legal rights.

How do I pick the best Utah truck accident law firm?

Identifying the top Utah truck accident law firm involves focusing on their expertise, reputation, success rate, and fee clarity. Looking into client testimonials is a good strategy as well. LawyerUp® fits all these criteria.

How much can a Utah truck accident lawyer take from my settlement?

In a truck accident case, the amount a Utah lawyer might deduct from your settlement generally falls between 25% and 40%. However, the exact percentage is subject to change, depending on the complexity and resolution stage of the case.

What is the average settlement in Utah for truck accident cases?

Truck accident case settlements in Utah can significantly vary, depending on factors like the extent of injuries and clarity of liability. A consultation with an attorney would be most helpful in discerning possible amounts.

What kind of Utah injury cases do you work with?

As for the kind of injury cases handled at LawyerUp®, we excel at winning maximum compensation for auto, truck, motorcycle and rideshare accidents.

I’m looking for a truck accident lawyer in Utah. Do I have a case?

Regarding a specific case for a Utah truck accident, LawyerUp® offers free evaluations to ascertain the potential and worth of your claim, since every case is different and unique.

How do I get the biggest payout for my truck injury in Utah?

Optimum payout for a truck injury in Utah can be achieved with thorough evidence collection, medical expert consultations, and assistance from experiential attorneys like LawyerUp®, improving your chances for a higher compensation.

Can you tell me how to file a truck injury case in Utah?

Filing a truck injury case in Utah, although possible independently, is best handled with a proficient attorney. Essential steps include evidence collection, liability determination, insurance negotiation, and potential lawsuit filing.

How long is the statute of limitations in Utah to file a truck accident case?

Utah mandates a statute of limitations of four years from the injury date to file a truck accident lawsuit. However, given certain exceptions, prompt legal consultation is always suggested.

How much is my Utah truck accident case worth?

Your Utah truck accident case's value depends on various factors like medical expenditures, income loss, pain and suffering, among other damages. For an estimate of your case's worth, arrange a free consultation with LawyerUp®.

Ready to maximize your payout?

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